Elena is an agent in the Department of Bad Slash. She is written by leafeyes.

Agent ProfileEdit


Elena is fairly tall with short, curly, hair dyed lavender, and is always seen wearing fairly casual clothing.


While Elena is generally fairly sarcastic, she cares quite deeply about the people around her, even if she doesn’t have the most conventional way of showing it. Elena also is a bit used to weird and unusual things after everything that happened before she made it to the PPC, so she tends to be less phased than other newbies upon encountering some of the weirder parts of the PPC, though often this just leaves room for other emotions.

Elena takes very good care of her pokémon, but that requires very little time given how most of them behave. She began her journey before cell phones were common and when portable electronics were significantly less capable than they are now, so she packed books to read while away from home. She would stop by a bookstore in every city that had one to get a new paperback. She was extremely happy to discover the PPC’s canon library, because she now only has to carry one book at a time.

Despite being on a journey, Elena was careful to plan her route so that she could return home fairly often, which was easy, given that home was in such a central location. Home was a good place to store anything she picked up on her travels and restock her supplies, but it was also where her family was. Her family is definitely what she liked most about her home continuum, and she does her best to stay in contact with them. She’s quite grateful that the PPC postal department is so reliable.


Partnered with ValkaEdit

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