Elanorelisindrivar, more commonly called Elanor or Ellie, was born prematurely on November 23, 2016 to the Aviator and is being raised by her in PPC HQ.


Though Elanor shares her mother's dark brown eyes and olive skin, the rest of her looks come from who knows where; it can probably be blamed on the badfic responsible for her existence. She has a splash of freckles across her nose and a shock of thick, curly brown hair that never seems to lie flat.


As an infant, not much of her personality is yet known.


November 2016Edit

  • Is born.

February 2017Edit

  • Comes home from Medical.

November 2017Edit

  • Turns 1.

November 2018Edit

  • Turns 2.

November 2019Edit

  • Turns 3.


Ten Years Hence (Uncanon)Edit

In the future, as a young teenager, Elanor is shown to be very headstrong and reckless, and has expressed a desire to be considered 'normal', though how much of this stemmed from her fear that her friend would reject her is unknown.

Considering that, in this timeline, the Librarian is her father, everything here is uncanon.


Elanor at 4 (uncanon).


Elanor at 13 (uncanon).

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