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Elanor worked for the Department for Elf Protection before it was merged with the Department of Character Protective Services. She was written by Purplefluffychainsaw.

She adopted the mini-Balrog Elessar?or.


Elanor is short, fat, and blonde. Specifically, she's five feet tall, and her hair is dirty-blonde. Her eyes are green. The fact that she still looks like a teenager isn't a good thing: she's kept the acne and the pout, and never gets served. She's copied her hairstyle from Edward Elric, antennae and all (although gelling it up is too much effort; it seems to have acquired gravity-defying abilities from somewhere. Possibly her bed).


Elanor is your average agent: sarcastic, angry and bloodthirsty. She has a list of medical conditions as long as her arm, which her time at the PPC probably did little to help, but never really paid much attention to them in the first place unless she wanted to get away with something. Elanor is pansexual, and has a huge crush on her partner, which means she has a tendency to let her get away with more than she probably should. More recently, she's decided het is ew (unless it's canon) and discovered cross-dressing, to the extent that it's rare to find her without binding, and even rarer to find her in girls' clothes. She can sew, and will quite happily modify uniforms for a small fee.

History at the PPC[]

She signed up as a teenager trying to atone for past sins, although it took her a little while to get the hang of it. She has, fortunately, had a chance to grow up, and while it doesn't seem to have affected her behaviour or appearance, a little maturity is never a bad thing.

Mission Reports[]

Homes: Response Centre 181 on Webs.com and the Department for Elf Protection on the Pit.

Partnered with Megan[]