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Ekwy Fields is a PPC agent in the Department of Mary Sues, Harry Potter Division. She associates with Agent Milano Cricket and ex-intern Nea Forrest. Her minis are Mora and Lopin.

Agent Profile[]


Ekwy is rather cheerful, but turns vicious when reading fics that defame her extremely beloved Remus Lupin. She is a Bleeprin addict, but does not admit it. She also bites her fingernails. She loves to read and write, and when she retires from the PPC she wants to become an author. Her sense of humour is rather peculiar and may be considered immature by people that don't know her. Her mind is permanently in the gutter. She likes musicals a whole lot, and woe is the one to not write a proper disclaimer if they should use a song from her favourites!


Ekwy was recruited in 2002, Real World time. She was 15. Her father was an agent, and since she shared his interests, it was her dream from a very early age to become one as well. Her mother was troubled when she heard this, but became convinced when her husband calmed her down with the words: "It will be fine. Our Ekwy is tough. It is quite possible that she won't die, or go insane!"

Ekwy was recruited with her younger sister, Gecka. They worked together in the CATS fandom, having a jolly good time killing Mary Sues. Unfortunately, Gecka later became insane and had to retire. Ekwy was transferred to the Harry Potter Division, which at this point was swarming with Mary Sues. (Time works differently at PPC HQ.) She was partnered up with Agent Milano Cricket, who is an old friend. They worked well together, so well in fact that in 2003 they received an intern named Nea. The three of them went on four missions together before Nea passed her initiation and got a partner (Loki) and a response center (#696) of her own. Ekwy and Milano continued their work, but lately they seem a bit lazy.

They helped exorcise Arda when Alumia merged with the whole planet.

Mission Reports[]

Older missions appear on Ekwy's FF.net account. The more recent missions have been archived on the PPC LiveJournal Community. The original site can be viewed via the Wayback Machine.

Partnered with Gecka Fields[]

Partnered with Milano Cricket and Nea Forrest[]

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