Eesa Greenley is the partner of Sive Arton in the Department of Mary Sues. She is written by Cinnia Aine and is stationed in RC #4357. So far, she has not been on any (published) missions.


Eesa is a bit on the short side, only a couple of inches past five feet. Her hair is a curly dark brown and her eyes are just the generic color of brown. She is skinny and rather petite and she wears a pair of silver, oval-shaped glasses. Because she is a native of the northeast coast of America and prefers to remain indoors, Eesa is fair-skinned with a scattering of freckles.


Eesa is a bit shy in new places and prefers to be left alone by people she doesn't know well until she gets used to seeing them around. After that, she then warms up a bit and lets her eccentric side show. Eesa is moody, pessimistic and sarcastic, but she also likes a good joke or a pretty song. She used to pull pranks on her relatives at home, but she has decided to just enjoy watching videos of pranks for the time being, unless the prank has to do with a Mary Sue and is fairly simple. Eesa is a bit artsy and creative, but she is a perfectionist and criticizes herself far too often, so she never finishes the creative thing she wants to do.


Eesa is a former closet Suethor. She used to write Suefics for fanfiction, but she fortunately never posted them online. When she found out the meaning of a Mary Sue, she decided to reform and burned all of her Suefics. After that, she found the PPC and decided to join to fight Mary Sues and other badfic with them. She has been assigned to Sive Arton as the senior assassin's first partner.


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