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Edward Stone is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues. He is written by Snowblaze.

Agent Profile[]


A little taller than average, with dark hair and brown eyes. Usually likes to wear grey or black clothes.


Edward is very cynical and pessimistic, and unwilling to tolerate other people's failings. He's convinced the Ironic Overpower is out to get him, although it's unclear whether he's serious about this. He enjoys winding his sister up, making snarky comments and reading. He can also be very pedantic and picks up on grammar mistakes a lot.


Edward was recruited from a Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children badfic, in which his sole purpose was to turn evil when the Sue ditched him for her LO. He's been horrified about it ever since and is determined to save as many characters as he can from a similar fate – although he'd prefer to get a bit more time off from it! He's been working for the PPC for a couple of years, and was recently transferred from Implausible Crossovers to the DMS.

Mission Reports[]

Spin-off hub is here.

Partnered with Katarina Eagle[]

  • "Princess of the unicorns"
    • In their first recorded mission, Agents Edward and Kat tackle a Sue who claims to be the "Princess of the unicorns". Edward is annoyed by the awful grammar and Kat is annoyed by the Sue messing with her Lust Object.
  • "Only Sue"
    • In "Only Sue", Edward and Kat have to deal with Hermione Granger's uncanonical twin sister and the mess she makes of canon. Kat is less than happy about it.
  • "Mira" (interlude) (with Agent Mira)
    • Edward is dismayed to find that he and Kat have been given responsibility for a newbie. What's worse, it seems she's here to stay, at least for a while...
  • The Lost Daughter (with Agent Mira)
    • Edward and Kat discover more about the mysterious newbie Mira as they tackle The Lost Daughter, a Sue who claims to be Voldemort's daughter. Join them as they attempt to slay the Sue while preserving their sanity and avoiding spoilers...