Edith Markov is an agent in the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department. She is written by Mirage Fontane.

Appearance Edit

Edith is about 5'9" tall and very pretty (she is an ex-Sue, after all). She has long, curly chestnut hair usually worn in an elaborate updo and bright amber eyes. Her preferred clothing is long skirts, waistcoats and white shirts; she is never seen without her weapons belt which holds a hunting knife and a small crossbow.

Personality Edit

Edith is fierce and temperamental with a very strong moral code. While usually antagonistic or at least cold towards her partner, she does occasionally lapse into moments of camaraderie when she lets her guard down. Edith tries very hard to seem cool and aloof, but she is not without kindness and a sense of humor. Her particular berserk buttons are violence against innocents, creepiness towards female characters and sexism; very often, she needs Ruxanda to keep her in check when her temper gets the best of her during a mission. Unlike her partner, she is very embarrassed about her home canon and prefers not to talk about it. She is also fiercely protective of her adopted children, Tuilinn and Tavor. In her free time, she likes to relax with video games, particularly horror games and first-person shooters.

Edith speaks in a formal, pseudo-Victorian dialect with the occasional modern slip-up, since her home story wasn't very consistent language-wise.

Backstory Edit

Edith is from the same continuity as her partner, a terrible paranormal romance set in the Victorian era where she was the main character and a Canon Sue. She was the daughter of a nobleman turned vampire hunter after a vampire killed her father; her father's killer was her chief enemy, but she was also hunting Ruxanda, the villain's lackey at the time. She was aided by another vampire named Lord Nephron (yes, Nephron - it was a very bad novel), who eventually became her love interest. How she ended up in the PPC is something Edith refuses to talk about, but judging by her reactions every time someone brings up the topic, it must have been very embarrassing. Once her training was completed, Edith was sent to Response Center 66 and found herself partnered with Ruxanda, her old enemy, much to her annoyance. During their first mission together in a Tolkien badfic, the two rescued, named and ended up adopting two human teenagers, siblings Tuilinn and Tavor.

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Partnered with Ruxanda Stanescu-Chislowitz Edit

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