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Not to be confused with Echo (DAVD).

Echo Kazul is one of the founding members of the All-Purpose Department, originally the All-Purpose Department of Fire Emblem. Her partner is Kat Daydream. She was written by Echo.

Agent Echo is a twenty-something with blonde, shoulder-length hair. She is fairly tall and wears PPC-standard black, sometimes with a blue scrunchy.

On missions, she is generally the more business-like and stable of the two, though she has been known to fly into a rage when her favorite characters are messed with. She is especially protective of Heath and his wyvern, Hyperion. She's also the one who comes up with most of the plans and deals with the Foxglove Official, since Kat thinks he's creepy. Echo may or may not be the twin of Miss Kazul at the Official Fanfiction University of Rekka no Ken.

Mission Reports[]

Home: All-Purpose Department of Fire Emblem (Lost Tales archive)

Partnered with Kat[]

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