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Eamon Brightbeard is an agent in the All-Purpose Department. He is written by Phobos.

Agent Profile[]


Brightbeard is an Ironforge Dwarf from the Warcraft universe. He stands 4'4" tall. He has a ruddy complexion that is reminiscent of the color of bricks. His hair is sandy blond and he keeps it short, with the exception of his beard. His beard is well kept, long, and luxurious.

Eamon wears simple clothing while not on a mission. Leather pants and a loose linen shirt are the norm. While on a mission he wears silver plate armor and carries a war hammer.


Eamon is a paladin who lives a spartan life. He doesn't clutter his living space with decoration, preferring utilitarian furnishings instead. He keeps his armor polished and his hair and beard neatly trimmed. He is gruff, but fatherly. He is loyal to his friends and deadly to his enemies.

In his spare time, Eamon is a practicing blacksmith. He also reads books of history from his home continuum.

Agent History[]


Brightbeard joined the PPC after having dispatched a Sue that wandered through a battle to the death that he was involved in with a troll (later his partner). The agents who had been tracking the Sue showed up shortly thereafter to find the troll priest and dwarf paladin dazed and covered in glitter. Barid and Eamon were transported to Medical to recover from their near-Sue experience.

Upon their release from Medical, the two were recruited into the Warcraft Division of the All-Purpose Department due to the fact that the division is highly understaffed. They now share a response center and visit their home continuum frequently on missions, and the occasional food run for Barid (due to the Cafeteria's clearly racist policy of not feeding trolls).

Mission Reports[]

Home: Phobos' Lair and RC 1986

Partnered with Barid[]

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