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Eagrus Khan is an agent in the Department of Technical Errors. He is written by Boarder Cyba Zero.

Agent Profile[]


Eagrus is blue-eyed and of medium build, but his appearance is otherwise unknown because he refuses to remove his armour except in private.

One theory was that he disliked some aspect of his visage due to not being Easterling-looking enough. It has since been discovered that this is because he has wilver hair.


Eagrus is a trained swordsman due to his soldier background (although he is not good with any other weapons). He has a certain paranoia about being crept up on by enemies so is very picky about resting locations. Being from a fantasy continuum, he is still struggling with coming to grips with science.

He has also taken a liking to a mini-Hun called Zouh, who can often be found riding on his shoulder as they watch each other's backs.

Likes and Dislikes[]

Likes: magic, fantasy, his personal suit of armour, swords, good writing and defensive locations.

Dislikes: technical errors (particularly bad spelling), space, space-ships, being in space, too much tech or tech-speak, removing his helmet in front of anyone unless in disguise, exposed locations and anybody entering the RC unexpectedly (in case of invasion); the Borg from Star Trek (not counting Cyba or her two clones).

Berserk Button: Suvian entities messing with his home continuum.


Originally a bit-character in a Lord of the Rings badfic and recruited by the agents who dealt with it, Eagrus is the victim of a misspelling that causes an odd fruity aroma to follow him around — this misspelling makes him feel sorry for other characters similarly afflicted and causes his dislike of bad spelling. By the time he partnered Cyba Zero, he had been with the PPC for approximately a year. During this year, he had the opportunity to learn about some things, but that did not extend to the workings of science.

Being a veteran of sorts, he has become numbed to many of the frequently encountered horrors of badfic, although working with Cyba Zero (and the resulting increased frequency of missions in sci-fi continua) is pushing his limits.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Cyba Zero and Eagrus Khan

Partnered with Cyba Zero[]