The ESAS Training Room, located in RC 2819, is a training room maintained for the usage of ESAS agents (although agents from other divisions/departments who wish to use it are quite welcome). The Room was set up after one particularly bad mission ("The Scourge of the Scarlet Maiden"), when Agents Logan and Entropy were almost killed in action, to provide a place where agents could practice their combat skills, should they ever have off-duty time.

The Room started off as a more-or-less standard response center, but has been modified into a suitable venue for weapons training. The walls have been given a protective layer of cortosis to make them lightsaber-proof, and there is a weapons rack and several targets for practicing marksmanship. An annexe (actually another RC that has been linked to the training room by the expedient method of knocking the walls down with a sledgehammer) contains some couches and a bar fridge.

During the Macrovirus Epidemic, Logan, Kern and Aegis took refuge from the macrovirii by barricading themselves in the training room.

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