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This is a copy of the Main Page for April Fool's Day 2008.


Welcome to the Enforcers of the Plot Continuum Wiki.

If you do not know what the EPC is, find out or else.

If you do not support us, prepare to die.

This source of information for our Agents is sorely lacking,fill it out.

The Main Page[]

See Current events for recent news and various crazy things.

Featured Agent

This Week's Wanted Is: Harry Potter. Harry Potter is the main character of the Harry Potter Series. Despite the hardest attempts to keep this canon caracter Sued, he has so far resisted permanant Sueification.

Breaking News!

If you want to see Breaking News, go break it at the Current Events Page!

Need a goodfic?
There are many more goodfics out there, and the EPC needs that fixed!!! Go here here for unclaimed goodfics to EPC or Flame.

If you grab one, add it to the list of Taken Goodfic or else. It'll make your live easier.

A photo is photographic evidence unless it's been photoshopped. Not counting airbrushing.

A lot of the Agents on this wiki seem to be camera-shy. This is unacceptable behavior. Hunt them down, take a photo, and upload it. ALL AGENTS MUST BE IDENTIFIABLE.

Did you know that ...

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