Mkellin in his home continuum.

Durran Mkellin, known by most as simply Mkellin, was the leader of the Black Cats' Scout Division, one of the first agents to join the Department of Internal Security, and an enemy of the PPC. He was rather severely wounded early on in the Cats' invasion, and nearly died, but he was eventually able to recover. Near the end, however, he split off from the Black Cats due to realising that the Bracket Fungus was corrupt, stating that he had joined the DIS to begin with in an attempt to combat the corruption he noticed in the PPC and to help protect the worlds from Chaos. Eventually, he led the Scout Division, by then the last Black Cats still in Headquarters, to make a final stand in the Cafeteria, where they were defeated. He faced Morgan in a duel near the end of the battle, and fatally wounded her, but he was shot dead by Traf Elosia soon afterwards. Jasmine Sims, carrying their son at the time, escaped to the future with his body and gave him a proper funeral.

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