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Durotar and Kur'nak are agents in the Postal Department, where Durotar has a desk job and Kur'nak has a box of crayons. They sometimes get the urge to deliver the mail to break up the monotony of the job.

The pair are written by Phobos.


Durotar is a two-and-a-half foot tall Wrath Cadet. He has blue-gray skin, sharp nails, and a muscular tail.

Kur'nak is a 6'7" tall orc. He has green skin, short red hair, and the musculature of an Olympic weightlifter.


Despite the fact that he is the size of a small child, Durotar is the more mature of the pair. He acts as a father figure to Kur'nak. Kur'nak was a blank slate when the mini claimed him, and is now learning everything, much as a child would. The orc has a lust for life and an innocence that is endearing to those close to him.


The pair was picked up in the "Warcraft epic" mission of Barid and Brightbeard. The mini was created when the author mistook the name of a place for the name of the person it was named after. Kur'nak was a bit character named Rathkurr who had little use in the story. When the Sue was disposed of, the orc was left with nothing more than his most basic instincts. When Durotar found the orc wandering in the middle of nowhere, he claimed him as his own. The two are now inseparable. They were put in the Postal Department because Personnel didn't know what else to do with them.

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