Drental Parjir is a Mandalorian agent and former borderline-Sue in the Department of Floaters. She is written by Ugolino.


Drental is a typical Mandalorian in her general appearance: tall, rough, and muscular. She has jet-black hair and dark yellow eyes, relics of her Suvian origin. There is a long scar running down the side of her face which she received while she was still in her origin fic.


Drental is stereotypically Mandalorian in that she prefers to work alone, is rather contemptuous of weakness, and rarely shows mercy to those she deems unworthy. She also has a slightly disturbing tendency to try recruiting fellow agents to the Mandalorians. Fics or elements within fics that she deems insulting to the Mandalorians and the Mandalorian-esque clone army can and have driven her completely mad for brief periods of time. Despite this, she is usually ambivalent about badfics that do not violate her culture's ideals or attack the Mandalorians or the GAR, much to the frustration of less dispassionate partners. She has been known to spare OCs she deems innocent despite protests from her peers and higher-ups.


Drental was recruited from a Mandalorian badfic set in the Star Wars Legacy era an unknown length of time ago. Several other Mandalorian OCs were killed as Sues, something for which she has never quite forgiven the agents responsible. Unlike the others, she had a fairly consistent personality and a realistic hair colour, which led the pair to offer her a choice between death and recruitment. She chose recruitment, reasoning that the others were not true Mandalorians and that the PPC was worth serving due to its strength.

She had at least three partners before her current one. Her second partner went flamethrower-crazy midway through a badfic and tried to kill Anakin Skywalker, resulting in a bloody affair involving a lightsaber, a thermal detonator, and a giant gizka. Drental herself went insane several months later, resulting in her separation from her then-third partner.

She was released shortly after the Macrovirus incident, and would take part in the defense against the subsequent Sue invasion. Alex Warren would be assigned as her fourth known partner several months later, much to her disgust due to his naïvete.

Mission LogsEdit

No missions about this agent have been released.

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