Dour K is a PPC agent in the Intelligence Division of the Disturbing Acts of Violence Department. She worked alongside Rile X and Mad H to sort and file fanfics that came through the division, but as an observer rather than an assassin, exorcist, etc., she performed scouting missions alone. She was written by Katharine.

Dour K is a young woman with short brown hair and a penchant for T-shirts sporting Christian rock band logos. She carries her equipment in a green duffel bag.

Despite her name, she isn't noticeably dour. She enjoys Coca-Cola and sugar, has a slightly twisted sense of humor, and has a bit of a temper: she's been known to storm about "like Attila the Hun on a rampage" and throw Coke bottles when upset. (Her fellow agents still haven't gotten the stains out of the carpet.) She is a big Tolkien fan with an especial fondness for King Thranduil. As of 2009, she is no longer working with the DAVD; her current status is unknown.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: The DAVD Files

  • "If I Die Before I Wake" (Lord of the Rings)
    • Meet the slightly disgruntled DAVD crew! Dour K visits "If I Die Before I wake," and ends up in an extraordinarily foul mood. WARNING: Deals with child abuse! *growl*
  • "Killer in the Dark" (Lord of the Rings)
    • Dour K visits "Killer in the dark," wherein she must face many dead people (some of whom don't exist), a psychotic Elf, and plotholes galore. WARNING: Contains torture, murder, and Katharine's sick and twisted sense of humor. *nasty smirk*
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