Doom/Gloom is a ghost agent who went into active duty in 2015. She can literally brighten the room due to her ghostly nature, but her usual cheer will also do the trick. She will answer to any variation of her name, though simply calling her Gloom is what she is used to. She is written by Caddy-Shack.

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Doom/Gloom stands around average height for an eighteen-year-old girl, and has a cuteness that most anime-esque school girls have, besides her most prominent feature. Being a Ghost, she has a light-blue glow coming off of her, which tends to both light up her immediate area and obscure any other color she may have on her at the time. She wears a Generic Japanese School Girl Uniform, with the flash patch for the Department of Floaters slapped on the sides. Her hair reaches her mid-back, and is most likely black in color, as well as not combed recently.


Doom/Gloom, while using the DORKS, and when she was alive.

Personality Edit

Doom/Gloom is currently a newbie with few missions and little PPC experience under her belt. While inexperienced, she is also eager and willing to learn. She is quite often cheery and carefree, the opposite of her name. Due to her time in FicPsych before going into active duty, she has taken on singing to herself as a hobby to both help the time pass and break out of her preset Generic Japanese School Girl persona. While not intentionally, she has had very little contact outside of Japan-related fandoms prior to her recruitment, with the exception of Harry Potter, and has not seen much need to change this.

She is also shown to be extremely nervous and frightened of schools, or things pertaining to them, relating to trauma from her home continuum. Her inability to interact with nearly any physical object is also a sore subject for her, as well as the details of her death.

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