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Doktor Trollenfisch is an agent of the Department of WhatThe. He is written by Scapegrace, the artist formerly known as wobblestheclown.

Agent Profile[]

In addition to being an agent, the good Doktor is also a small, neon pink pufferfish-looking Pokémon that speaks in a stereotypical German accent despite not even knowing where, or indeed what, Germany is. He has been an agent of the Department of WhatThe for some time, lasting after the department's downsizing mostly because nobody could remember who he was. You'd think he'd be rather distinctive, but apparently not. Previously a backroom staffer, his impish nature came to the fore after the 2015 PPC Sunflower Cup, in which a dimensional counterpart of himself was on one of the more successful teams. The two merged after an incident that'll probably be declassified after they've cleared up all the... bits, and Doktor Trollenfisch and his stereotypical accent decided to take a more active, in-field role. Echt klasse!

The good Doktor is also notable for taking down a Legendary Badfic without actually realising it.

Mission Reports[]

Partnered with Gabrielle

  • Heading into Christmas Cuppa for a first mission? Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Find it here. (Harry Potter) NSFW/B
  • What's too short to do anything with and hideously enrages Rose Tyler? That's right, trollfics! And the agents have to sort it out. (Doctor Who) NSFW/B