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Doc is an agent in the Department of Floaters. He is not a doctor, and other agents should not attempt to consult him on medical matters. He is written by doctorlit.

Agent Profile[]


Doc isn't particularly muscular, but he isn't lean either. He stands at 5'8" and needs glasses for shortsightedness. He has green-blue eyes and brown hair cut close to his scalp. He always wears cargo shorts with big pockets (often containing at least one book) and a polo shirt with a pencil in the pocket.


While Doc is willing to chat with people and be friendly with them when he has to, he would much prefer to stay in his response center and get as much reading done as he can between missions. He is almost always reading, even when walking around. He still pays attention to his surroundings, however, and won't put himself in danger or unintentionally ignore someone while reading. He will put away his book in a moment of trouble or when he needs to concentrate. Extremely over-defensive of his always-growing collection of novels (which he occasionally refers to as his Precious), there is little anyone can do to upset Doc more than handle them without asking first. Doc has a huge turnover rate for reading books, so while he is familiar with numerous fandoms, he doesn't necessarily know them as well as an agent who works continuously in one or a few fandoms. Doc also has a bad habit of underestimating Mary Sues; his assumption that they can be beat into submission with a few whacks on the head, coupled with his complete lack of combat experience, often leaves him vulnerable when threatened by Warrior!Sues or other potentially dangerous varieties.

Agent Timeline[]

  • February: Doc is recruited to the PPC from World One, and partnered with Agent Vania Tolluk, partly by accident.
  • In the "Catastrophe Theory" alternate future, Doc dies fighting the Mary Sue forces that occupy Headquarters.

Mission Logs[]

Home: The Scrawls of doctorlit

Partnered with Vania[]

Alternate Universes[]