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The Division of Mpreg is a division of the Department of Bad Slash. Its flash patch is an image of a mandrake root, and it is headed by the Male Ginkgo, one of the few Plants to have a determined gender.

The Division of Mpreg was formed to deal with Mpreg stories from all continua. A sub-department with this directive was in existence circa 2003 HST, when its only known agent was Agent Taboo,[1] but since the Queen Anne's Lace refers to it as "newly-formed" in October 2008,[2] it may have been shut down at some point and then reopened.

The first agent assigned to the modern incarnation of this division was Agent Oscar Henson, himself an Mpreg child raised in the Nursery,[2] and after his training period ended, he was partnered with Agent Iza.[3]


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