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The Division of Cool and Unusual Punishment (abbr. DCUP) is a small division of the Department of Floaters. Its would-be trademark is an overactive imagination when it comes to slaying time, although if you actually think about it, all of HQ could make that claim.

The division is headed by the Sadistic Bladderwrack. Its flash patch is a bladderwrack frond.

DCUP and its original personnel were created by Twiggy Papaya.


To date, DCUP is comprised of exactly one response center, which is marked by a yellowed scrap of parchment reading "Response Room 42.22/9, Dept. of Cool and Unusual Punishment" nailed to the door. Its most unique attribute is a vending machine with two buttons, a brown one for coffee and a blue one for Bleeprin.[1]

It's a small and disregarded branch of the PPC that deals freelance with general crimes against canon such as Mary Sues, bad crossovers, and bad slash. The only person who really takes it seriously is its founder, Scorpia Lotus, who had never heard of TV Tropes when he chose its name and thus thought he was being terribly clever and original.[2] Rumor has it that the name was chosen deliberately to give it a silly acronym.[3]

DCUP agents must utilize creative and original means for disposing of badfic or risk being fired. Given the chronically low employment rate of the PPC, this isn't much of a risk, but still.[4]


DCUP was originally founded as the Department of Cool and Unusual Punishment in 2004 HST[2] by Scorpia Lotus and the Sadistic Bladderwrack, a generally despised and mocked figure that used to do odd jobs for its superiors. It drove them mad with its incessant insistence that it should be a head of department, and they gave it DCUP just to shut it up.[3]

It was later realized that DCUP is more properly a division of Floaters and merged.

Known Agents[]

Only the agents of RC 42.22/9 are known to have been attached to DCUP:

  • Scorpia Lotus, the founder of the original department.
  • Twiggy Papaya, who was the first agent assigned to the newly formed department.
  • Brittany Smith, who was recruited by Twiggy and Scorpia during their first mission.

Division Records[]

Home: PPC: Department of Cool and Unusual Punishment

Missions from this division are listed on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Floaters, Division of Cool and Unusual Punishment.