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The Division of Bad Het is part of the Department of Bad Slash. It was formed to deal with fics in which the overriding offences stem from poorly written heterosexual relationships.

This division's flash patch is an upside-down version of the DBS's three-eyed rubber duck. Its head is the Gladiolus.


The Division of Bad Het handles bad canon/canon het fics. It's a division rather than a department because it doesn't handle all bad het fic; OC/canon het fics will often involve a Mary Sue or Canon!Sue and will therefore be assigned to the Department of Mary Sues. The canon/canon variety, on the other hand, was previously assigned based on its secondary offences or tackled by agents just irritated enough to do it. This was not an ideal situation, so the DBH was created to fill the gap.

The Department of Bad Slash oversees this division because bad het and bad slash have many similar offences: rapefic, hurt/comfort, bad lemons, bad biology, horrific squick, etc. Agents of the DBS are therefore already suited to working in the DBH and probably already carry all the medication they require for the job, a great saving for FicPsych and Medical.

Naturally, the DBH operates very much like its parent department: standard procedure involves going in, observing the fic's offences, assembling a charge list, and exorcising all possessed canon characters. DBH agents are advised to bring rubber gloves to wear while prying apart entwined canons and warm blankets to protect their dignity.


The Division of Bad Het was formed in 2008. The Gladiolus, the disgraced former head of the DBS, was assigned to head this division as part of its reintegration into HQ.

Known Agents[]

Agents Katie Cray and Gypsy Roberts (RC #86) were the first team to be assigned to the Division of Bad Het. So far, they are the only team from the DBH to publish a mission report.

Division Records[]

Mission reports from the Division of Bad Het are listed on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Bad Slash, Division of Bad Het.