a) Transitive verb

1. To perceive a difference in: mentally separate

2. To mark as separate or different

  • The Sunflower Official could be distinguished from its garden variety fellows by its tendency to communicate telepathically. Oh, and the suit helped, too.

3. To give prominence or distinction to

  • The student had distinguished himself in the not-so-lost art of pyromancy in his home continuum, and was therefore assigned to DOGA upon recruitment.

b) Intransitive verb

1. To perceive a difference

  • After one too many bad crossovers, the agent grew so delusional that she could no longer distinguish friend from foe and started glomping her enemies.

(Definitions taken from the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary. The full definition can be found here. PPC-specific examples written by DawnFire, with amusement.)

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