Agent Santiago Almeida, known as Diego, is a former bit character rescued from an Indiana Jones badfic by Kitty Callahan and Alec Trevelyan. He used to be named "Slop," courtesy of his fanfic's author, until Kitty and Alec jointly came up with a more respectable name. Diego now loathes that word so much that hearing or reading it or any of its variations (e.g. "sloppy") may cause flashbacks and rage of the homicidal variety.

Agent ProfileEdit


Diego was never described in his fic of origin aside from having a black eye and a fat lip, likely occupational injuries due to his job as a deckhand, and his age. When pulled into Headquarters, he assumed the appearance of a young pan-Iberian teenager, likely due to the influence of his new name (Spanish forename, Portuguese surname). He has messy dark hair, olive skin, and large, worried-looking brown eyes. He wields a kukri, and is surprisingly good with it.


Diego's main personality trait is his shyness, as he is still struggling to adjust to having an identity of his own. He is also curious about HQ, and while it is easy to throw him for a loop (by introduction to his troll partner, for example), he recovers rather quickly. It must be said that he likes Fruit Roll-Ups and other sugary fruit snacks of that nature, possibly because of his positive association with them during his rescue, and also possibly because they are delicious.


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