Derwin is a rather new member of the Department of Mary Sues, Freelance Division. He is partnered with Gurgan.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Wears a lot of ragged clothing befitting a former vagabond. Sometimes wears a dark jacket. His only real distinguishing characteristic is his metal teeth and the scar across his right shoulder. He likes to smile a lot, which can be rather off-putting.

Personality Edit

I'm getting better, I promise!
—He is getting better. He promises.

It depends on his mental state, actually. When he is coherent, he is cheerful, friendly, and sarcastic, with a fondness for making jokes. When he is NOT coherent, he is a frothing, giggling sort of fellow who is prone to screaming out nonsense phrases and attacking furniture. However, he can control this (to a degree) with the aid of powerful anti-psychotic medication. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of these pills is shaky, forcing him to carry a constant supply. Oh, yes, one minor note. There are times when the person he was BEFORE becoming a ghoul makes an appearance. When this happens, he is a sociopathic, stab-happy, eyeball-eating maniac.

Notes of Interest Edit

Once ate half the SO's office supplies (a feat of which he is quite proud) and burned down a training center in an incident involving a cream pie, a flare, and a baby wombat. Likes to play strip poker with the minis of other agents, causing Gurgan no small amount of stress.

Agent History Edit

He only remembers bits and pieces of his life before ghoulification. He DOES remember that he was a raider, and that he wasn't a very nice person.

He lived in a shack near Arefu after becoming a ghoul, where he ate people. (That had already died, mind you. He's not a murderer... most of the time, anyway.) One interesting note: he acquired his "Chompers" (a set of serrated, stainless steel dentures) BEFORE his current state. He also remembers being a cabbage, a walrus, and a box of ice cream.

He joined the PPC after falling into a plothole that appeared in his home one day. Hasn't looked back since.

PPC Edit

He still has a lot to learn, having only been an agent for about three months now. He sees his partner as both a father figure and (sometimes) a talking gumball machine. He likes his job to a rather unhealthy degree. Can go a little "Leeroy Jenkins" on missions.

Missions Reports Edit

Home: None yet.

Partnered with Gurgan Edit

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