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The Department of WhatThe handles fics that would drive most agents flamethrower-crazy, including bad crackfic. It has only ever had a few agents, specifically Mortic Wentway and Elanor Laison. It was formed in 2006, a little in advance of the Crashing Down invasion.


Following the events of the Swan's Egg trilogy, the DOW was left without a Department Head - and shortly thereafter, Elanor Laison transferred to the Department of Operations, specifically the Nursery. Mortic anticipated that this would result in the Department being shut down; however, he was instead transformed into a sort of freelance operative. Operating under the authority of the Rhododendron, general secretary to the Board of Department Heads, Mortic now works with temporary partners to deal with WhatThe fics.

Department of WTF[]

In the Real World, the Department of WhatThe was originally known as the Department of WTF—until someone at Webs.com got upset at the implied swearword and froze part of hS' site. In 2011, he changed the name to "Department of WhatThe" to appease them. The old name still appears in some places, though, such as albums in the PPC Soundtrack and first generation cards in the PPC Card Game.

In the PPC, the Arbitrary Censorship Division of the Legal Department imposed the name change retroactively, so as far as anyone in HQ is concerned, it's always been that way. Even if they remember it differently.[1]

Mission Reports[]

Site: Huinesoron's Webplex, listed under "Department of WhatThe"

Missions from this department are listed on The Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of WhatThe.