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The Department of Technical Errors was created by Araeph. Its divisions are Grammar, headed by Grammer, and Linguistics, headed by Barbosa the Misspelled Monkey. Known agents are Agent Mara, Agent Isaiah, Agent Cyba Zero, Agent Eagrus Khan, Agent Melanin Butterfly, Agent Sparky and Agent Tiranel van de Kamp.


Addendum colon said agent belonging to the Department of Technical Errors comma he shall kill or deal out unpleasant punishments specifically to the un-canon elements possessing an inappropriate number of grammatical comma orthographical comma linguistic comma logical and slash or historical mistakes full stop.
—Agent Isaiah, Mission #2: "Impostor"


The Department of Technical Errors is a multi-fandom, multi-genre department that more often than not kills Mary Sues but may also deal with bad slash, anachronistic cultural contaminations, and just plain terrible writing. If it looks like the author is stockpiling punctuation... if there are 2500-word paragraphs... if a Sue is a brunette and a redhead at the same time... the DTE will rush to the rescue. So far, 28 Sues in the Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Redwall fandoms have met their demises at the hands of this department, whose agents prefer creative amounts of pain to straightforward assassination.


Isaiah and Mara

While on a mission to prevent The Most Beautiful Woman from seducing Jack, Agent Isaiah was yanked into Agent Mara's mission when the two fanfiction stories fused together. (Agent Mara was also trying to assassinate The Most Beautiful Woman, only this one was a different Sue from the same fandom. That's what comes of unoriginality!) Together, the two agents pitted the two mutually exclusive Sues against one another. The Sue with the most tightly woven story won, giving the agents the inspiration to form the Department of Technical Errors.

Mission Reports[]

Site: The Department of Technical Errors

Missions from this department are listed on The Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Technical Errors.