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The Department of Personnel is responsible for pairing up agents and placing recruits in the proper departments and divisions. If an agent cannot overcome the compulsion to drool over pictures of Achilles, it would be a hazard to send him or her into Greek Mythology. If an agent's partner has tried multiple times to set him or her on fire, the department will... eventually... maybe... partner those agents with someone else.

Personnel also deals with agent training and maintaining the PPC's archives, and some Personnel agents act in secretarial roles for various Department Heads. Its head Flower is the Marquis de Sod, and the secretary in charge of personnel is Agent Quen.

The Department of Personnel was first mentioned in the seventh mission in the Original Series, "Children of the Earth," and first visited in the eighth, "Why am I Here?"


Office door.

When the Organisation was first formed, the Marquis de Sod headed the Admin Department. This department combined the roles of all the Infrastructure Departments; Makes-Things was a member of it. However, various other departments began to be split off from it, beginning with the Department of Intelligence, and following the Cascade, the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. It was at this point that the Admin Department was renamed the Department of Personnel.


This department doesn't have divisions, per se, but it does have a variety of positions. The bulk of these are the unnamed ones that deal with agent evaluation and placement, but also include the positions of archivist and, theoretically, agent trainer.

Known Staff[]

Agent Trainers


Records from this department are listed on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Personnel.