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The Department of Operations is tasked with keeping the physical structure of HQ going. It is sometimes confused with Upstairs, whether the Flowers themselves or the actual upper level of HQ where many of their offices are located. The department was run for a long time by the Wisteria, until he was killed by the Black Cats; in the aftermath of their invasion, the Nightshade was chosen to replace him.


The Department of Operations was originally founded as the Department of Building Operations and Maintenance, as part of the massive expansion of HQ undertaken due to the Cascade.[1] The department staff included the Floating Hyacinth as Quartermaster.[1]

The Floating Hyacinth later became Head of Department, with the Quartermaster position going to the Morning Glory. When the Hyacinth left to start the Department of Floaters, the Wisteria replaced it.[2]

Following the Wisteria's death in the 2006 invasion, the returning Nightshade was made Head.


The Department of Operations does not have divisions per se (at least, they have never been labelled as such). Rather, there are various categories of staff, and sites within HQ, which come under its remit, and are nominally under the direction of the Nightshade. Unfortunately, the Wisteria was rather a lax leader (the Sub Rosa stated that he "thought exercise was more interesting than management"[3]), so many of these see themselves as fairly independent; indeed, in some cases it is unclear whether they were ever part of Operations to begin with.