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The Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research was the department responsible for finding out how Sues work, and how to get rid of them. The DMSE&R also looked into Sue genetics. It was headed by the Thistle, and its staff were called scientists. Its work is carried on by the Department of Analytical Science's Suvian and Wraith Experiments and Research Division.


The DMSE&R used the lab space now occupied by the DAS, which is shared with the Medical Research Division of the Medical Department. The labs are primarily located in a hallway behind the Medical Department. The typical DMSE&R scientist wore a spotless white (or at least all-over grey) lab coat with the DMSE&R flash patch on the left sleeve.

Experimentation really did mean experimentation, and not torture. The PPC frowns on torture.

Live Sues were and are not usually kept in HQ. This is because it's easier to prevent rule-breaking by removing temptation than by waving fingers at a horde of determined and angry assassins.


During the 2008 Macrovirus Epidemic, the labs and the response centers nearby were quarantined until a cure could be found.

In 2017, the DMSE&R merged with the newly created Division of Applied-and-theoretical Physics to form the Department of Analytical Science. The DMSE&R rebranded itself as the Suvian and Wraith Experiments And Research division, or DAS-SWEAR.

Known Scientists[]

Approximately 20 scientists worked in the department, including:

Former personnel include:

Currently the only scientists who have recorded their labs are Lori Starrett, Bill Fallis, and Cocoa and Powder Puff.

It is not yet known if anyone other than Niamh Tran and Penny Smith stayed on with DAS-SWEAR after the merger.

Discoveries by the DMSE&R[]

  • Following that discovery, the duo figured out how to decrease the level of glitter in Mary Sues on July 11, 2009 HST. (lab report pending publication)
  • The Mary Sue genome was examined by Agents Cocoa and Powder Puff on May 6, 2010.

Department Records[]

Research papers and other records from this department can be found on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Analytical Science.