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The Department of Internal Affairs keeps an eye on, well, the PPC's internal affairs. The Tiger Lily runs the overall department, while the Yertis runs its New Caledonia division. The Blba Tree acts as the DIA's archivist.


After the Reorganisation, the responsibilities of the DIS were split into three departments: the DIA, the DES, and the DIO. The DIA, given to the Tiger Lily, was put in charge of the actual policing of the agents.

During the Black Cats' invasion of Headquarters, the DIA found itself largely ineffective and took heavy losses in the fall of DIA Central; to better protect the PPC, the DIA was reorganised and faced several reforms, including expansions of Central, changes in training standards, and recruitment drives. The organisation of the pre-invasion DIA is not entirely known aside from the fact Agent Black still seemed to be in a similar role to his current one.

The DIA has, as of early mid-2013, begun fielding a team for the All-HQ Australian Indoor-Rules Quiddich League. Its members are unknown, but it's apparently a strong team, as its loss in the quarterfinals of the 2013 AHAIRQL tournament was termed a shocking upset by the Multiverse Monitor.


The modern DIA is made up of four divisions. In HQ, there are:

  • Patrol, which polices HQ;
  • Special Response, which handles special operations and agent rescue/assistance, coordinating with Medical's Emergency Division when necessary;
  • Administration, who are the secretaries, dispatchers, and clerks of the DIA, keeping the department running and monitoring security in and around HQ.

The fourth is the New Caledonia Division, which is presumably charged with keeping order in the PPC colony there.

The Tiger Lily, on top of being overall head of the DIA, directly oversees the Administration Division, while her lieutenants, Dúros Black and Basilico Andretti, head Special Response and Patrol, respectively.


The DIA's patrol division are known to keep watch on agents who are a little too trigger-happy (Selene Windflower, for example), and are deployed to round up agents that have gone flamethrower-crazy. They are also charged with arresting and detaining agents who have committed crimes or been marked as needing disciplinary action and have not yet been assigned any particular disciplinary route. In general, detained agents are held until a disciplinary measure is decided on by the Board of Department Heads or the agent's individual Department Head, with continued imprisonment an option but not guaranteed. As shown in the original DIA stories, the special response division are deployed to rescue agents in the field when missions go awry, overlapping slightly with the Special Operations Division of Floaters, and they presumably handle situations a World One police department's SWAT or emergency response team would be responsible for.

In emergencies, both divisions step in to combat invasions, and patrol has been known to make arrests of intruders. DIA officers are easily recognised by their lack of flash patches. Prior to the Black Cats' invasion, sunglasses were part of the uniform, but this doesn't appear to still be the case. According to the Multiverse Monitor, some officers wear cloaks. It is unknown if this is a uniform difference to distinguish patrol and special response officers.

Known Personnel[]

Administration Division[]

Patrol Division[]

Special Response Division[]

New Caledonia Division[]


Unknown Division/Status[]

  • Officer Callahan
  • Agent Cross
  • Officer Jake
  • Officer Leopold
  • Officer Theodore Shacklemore
  • Agent Shore

Mission Reports[]

Missions from this department are listed on The Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Internal Affairs.

Other agents on occasion have dealings with the DIA: