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The Department of Infrastructure was one of the original three departments of the Organisation. It was broken up into the various Infrastructure Departments following the Civil War on Origin and the founding of the PPC.

Under the Organisation[]

The Department of Infrastructure was founded simultaneously with the Organisation, alongside the Departments of Exploration and Administration.[1] Like them, it was created with a Deputy in charge - Hornbeam the Ironwood, one of the Firstborn and already the Flowers' primary Engineer.[1]

The department's responsibilities included technical operations, and elements such as supply - essentially, the running of HQ.[1] Original members included the Big Thorn (an engineer and researcher) and the Floating Hyacinth (as Supply Officer).[1]

Under the PPC[]

Following the Civil War on Origin, the Organisation was restructured into the Protectors of the Plot Continuum.[2] Due to the sudden separation from their homeworld, the Department of Infrastructure took on new importance - it was now the only way to feed, expand, and operate HQ.

This expansion of responsibilities led to the upgrading of the department into what was briefly known as the Infrastructure Division, and later simply as 'the Infrastructure Departments': an array of departments, with their own heads, all under the aegis of one Deputy for Infrastructure.[3] The first Deputy for Infrastructure was Hornbeam.

Known Successor Departments[]

Not all Infrastructure Departments were created immediately after the breakup of the Department of Infrastructure. The following departments have known founding dates.