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The Department of External Security is one of the two Security Departments in the PPC, and is tasked with protecting PPC HQ from attacks by Mary Sues or other external agencies.


The DES was in fact in existence prior to its organisation as a department. The group of Flowers known as the Weeds was formed before the PPC even existed, on Origin. The majority of them were Firstborn, and Awoke as a grove.[1] Rather than adopting names with the other Firstborn, the Weeds took numbers to represent their respective ranks.[1]

The Weeds were involved in the Flowers' effort to stabilise plotholes,[2] and after the formation of the Organisation were officially designated as the Department of Exploration.[3] During the Civil War on Origin, they acted to defend Headquarters.[4]

After Makes-Things set off the Cascade, the Weeds set off into the plothole network, exploring it and expanding HQ.[5] They fell out of contact with the majority of the PPC, but returned during the evacuation of Origin to aid the refugees.[5] After the planet fell, they retreated into the Cascade and continued mapping and containing it.[5]

In 1999 HST, following the breakup and exile of the Department of Internal Security during the Reorganisation, the Weeds were recalled and renamed the Department of External Security. The department is still led by Captain Dandy; all the members of this department are Flowers, and the majority (about 5/6) are Security Dandelions. Prior to the attacks on HQ in 2006, there were 107 living Weeds. At least three are known to have died in the war with the Black Cats and Mary Sue Factory, and three more were killed capturing Peter Piper after his attacks on the Flowers, but the department's exact casualty figures have not yet been released.

In 2011 HST, Captain Dandy and the DES were monitoring the League of Mary Sue Factories.[6] They sent Agent Eledhwen Elerossiel to infiltrate the League. When Eledhwen was captured, Christianne rescued her before the DES could arrange an extraction.[7][6]

In 2013 HST, Captain Dandy and the DES showed up during the Blackout to get rid of two Weeping Angels and some other nasties that came in while HQ's shields were down.

Known Personnel[]

The known members of this department are:

  • Captain Dandy - male Dandelion. Department Head.
  • Weed-One - male Dandelion, second-in-command.
  • Weed-Eleven - male Wild Rose,[2] killed by Peter Piper.
  • Weed-Twelve - killed by the first stable plothole leading away from Origin.[3]
  • Weed-Sixteen - female Dandelion, killed by Peter Piper.
  • Weed-Nineteen - Dandelion.
  • Weed-Twenty-three - female Dandelion.
  • Weed-Thirty-seven - Tumbleweed.[2]
  • Weed-Forty - Milkweed, killed by Peter Piper.