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The Department of Culture was a small department that handled Phantom of the Opera badfic. Its director was Madame Orchid, who is known to wear a dress[1]—presumably a Victorian one.

It was created by La Regina Phantom (also known as Nemthenga) and Berouge.

About the DOC[]

The Department of Culture was created in early 2005, in response to the increased population of original characters in the PotO fandom after the release of the December 2004 film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical Phantom of the Opera.[1] It was a self-contained department: it handled its own monitoring and assassinations, its agents earned wages, and Madame Orchid even did her own paperwork.[1]

A "Phantom of the Opera department," known to be located in HQ's fifth basement, also existed as of Spring 2005.[2][3] This may have been the same department under a different name, but it's not clear. Either way, as of mid-2006, it was (or they were) merged into the Department of Mary Sues as a division.[4]

The only agents known to have been members of the Department of Culture as such are Regina and Berou. Regina was a Daroga fan who recruited her friend Berou after her previous partner attempted to kill Raoul so Christine would marry Erik. Regina's attempt to redeem her partner through therapy failed, and her partner went insane.

Agent Laurel (RC 1881) worked in the Phantom of the Opera Department, and Agents Debris and Gammut (RC 213) were in the DMS, PotO Division.

Department Records[]

Missions from this department and the DMS - PotO Division can be found on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Mary Sues, Small DMS Division: Rare Fandoms & General Fiction.


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