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The Department of Author Correspondence was set up to deal with those badfic authors who were deemed salvageable; the agents of the DAC talked to and emailed these authors, encouraging them to improve their writing habits. Its Head of Department was the Saffron Crocus, and its flash patch was an elm tree.

For several years, the workload of the DAC had been decreasing, due to the increasing number of new recruits to the PPC, and particularly the rapidly-growing Department of Floaters. On the 1st of May, 2008 HST, the final DAC Agent, Ella Darcy, retired and left HQ, returning to the Real World. The Department of Author Correspondence was shut down, and their little remaining workload was passed on to the Department of Intelligence.

Department of Author Correction[]

In the alternate future shown on the Twisted Skein, the DAC appears to be revived as the Department of Author Correction, which punishes - and sometimes kills - badfic authors and eventually, with the Department of Efficiency and a new Board of Department Heads, grows to rule over the PPC with iron leaves. The circumstances of its rise to power are unknown, however; what is known is the DAC, Department of Efficiency and Board of Department Heads are overthrown in a fourth PPC civil war, after which the PPC as an organisation scatters.


Mission Reports[]

Missions from this department are listed on The Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Author Correspondence