The Department for Elf Protection was a small department that handled badfic involving Tolkien's Elves. It was created by Purplefluffychainsaw.

The DEP's uniform was green with an alfirin flower embroidered on the left sleeve.[1] (The alfirin seems to be the golden variety described by Legolas in RotK.[2]) It was headed by Audrey the Ninth, a giant, Venus flytrap-like alien plant from the Little Shop of Horrors continuum.[3]

About the DEP Edit

The department was known to handle both Mary Sues[1][4] and bad slash,[3] and presumably would cover any other type of badfic involving the Elves.

It was founded in 2004.[5] Due to its small size and similarities with other departments, it was eventually merged with the modern Department of Character Protective Services.

Its only known agents were Elanor Gilmor and Megan of RC 181. They published three mission reports in 2004[5] and were known to be active c. 2007-2008,[6] but haven't been heard from since.

Department Records Edit

Home: Response Centre 181 on and "PPC: Department for Elf Protection" on

Missions from this department are listed on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Department of Character Protective Services.

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