Deminica, who really does have gray hair (if you squint), and whose stupid Sue dress was too hard to find.

Deminica was a Mary Sue slain by Agents Jay and Acacia. She appeared in a Lord of the Rings badfic notable for being a "Code 18"—including nine Tenth Walker Sues, the highest recorded number.

Character History Edit

Deminica was the lead Sue of the Sisterhood, a group of nine Sues that joined the Fellowship after pointing out that "your hobbits are weak compared to ours" and turned Boromir into a bigot who didn't want any "girls" in the Fellowship. She was an elf who had grey hair, "yellowish/greenish eyes" and ears "tipped with gold." She may or may not have also been an Istar.

The Sisterhood was composed of "One human, one dwarf, two hobbits which don't come from the Shire, and five elves." In Acacia's opinion, they were "a troupe of fluffy shallow bitches with no distinct personalities, the combined IQ of a raisin, and worse grammar than Gollum," and Boromir rightly wondered whether they could do anything other than look pretty.

The Sisterhood was rejected from the Fellowship at Rivendell, but accepted after they beat up various members of the Fellowship at Lorien.

Charges Edit

Deminica was charged with "bad grammar, interfering with the characters of the entire Fellowship of the Ring, spending way too many sentence-long paragraphs on your clothes and not one on the Golden Wood, calling it Loth Lorien, and being a Mary Sue, also keeping Gandalf alive, having metal on your ears in a way that defies all logic, and [acting] psychic."

Character Demise Edit

Deminica attempted to defend herself by creating a magic bubble for arrows to bounce off, but Jay (in Istar disguise at the time) used her own staff to break Deminica's shield, and Acacia shot her with an arrow.

The body was thrown into the middle of the ocean as an offering to Ulmo.

Mission Report Edit

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