Deleterius was a sporking community on LiveJournal that focused on badfic set in the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter continua. Deleterius was formed by Tviokh, a former PPC Boarder.


Some might say that, compared to the PPC, Deleterius was more "hardcore," because it dealt with badfic that was at times far worse than much of what the PPC writes missions for. It should be kept in mind, however, that both groups shared an audience and similar goals, although the PPC originally focused on Sues and Deleterius often focused on squicky fic.

Like most badfic-sporking communities, Deleterius used a form for reports. The form looked something like this:

Story Or Series Title:


Culprit Author's Name:

Full Name (plus titles if any):

Full Species(es):

Hair Color (include adjectives):

Eye Color (include adjectives):

Unusual Markings/Colorations:

Special Possessions (if any):

Annoying Origin:

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters:

Annoying Special Abilities:

Other Annoying Traits:

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:

(Form from the marysues community's user information. Thank you for having one that seems to be nearly identical to the one Deleterius used.)

The FallEdit

Deleterius was deleted and purged, mostly likely by the mod or mods of the community, sometime during 2012, for reasons that are currently unknown. One suggested theory is that the sporkers there felt that the community had served its purpose; another is that the arguments that prompted many sporkers to leave began again, and resulted in the community's demise. Any further information would be appreciated.

Surviving MaterialEdit

As befits a community of sporkers, Deleterius was full of funny and insightful comments and analyses. Zingenmir (formerly DawnFire) thought they were amazing, and unearthed a document in which she saved quotes from the posts and comments made in Deleterius. The material can be found here, and will be updated if Zingenmir ever finds the additional material she expects is hiding in other documents.

Zingenmir has put together a masterpost of surviving material, which can now be found on its own Dreamwidth journal. If you have anything saved, contact her, and she will add it to the post, or feel free to post it yourself and add a link here. The journal hosts both links and reposted material.

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