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A male Defective

Defectives are the workers at the various Mary Sue factories. Though they were intended to be Sues themselves when originally bred, they failed to reach Suvian perfection before a certain point in their creation, and were released soon after that point with little to no ability to use their powers. They were created in large numbers in the original factory's early days, possibly due to inexperience in working with the Sue-forming hyperenergetic fluid, and became essential to the FGenMS01 factory's continued operation after the Orchid became its administrator.

A large stock of Defectives were killed by the order of the Mysterious Somebody after his exile in favor of a new cloning-propagated type of worker; these replacements were created from the genetic material of Dassie Hyrax and conditioned to be under the Mysterious Somebody's complete mental control. This new breed was wiped out by psychic backlash after the Mysterious Somebody's death, and during the formation of the League of Mary Sue Factories, the Yarrow reinstated the Defectives as the main factory workers.

The Defectives are usually of human size and shape, but they are incredibly weak and fragile physically due to their unmanifested powers, and rarely speak. The vast majority of Defectives are colorless in appearance, implying that their development failed before their skin and eyes could receive any individual pigmentation. Most Defectives observed working in the League's factories wear long white coats, possibly intended as facsimiles of the common lab coat.

The only named Defective known to be linked (term used lightly) to the PPC is Daelynn McSparklepants, who played a minor role in the 2008 Mary Sue Invasion. There are several other named Defectives that have been linked (term still being used lightly) to the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction, the most notable being Agnes Hill, the Defective copy of Factory Sue Angelle Hill. In that faction of the League, Defectives are simply plainer-looking variants of the Mary Sues created by the Mary Sue factory Happily Ever After, Ltd. who are then turned into menial-labour workers for said factory.


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