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Agent Dee was Agent Milask's partner in the Department of Bad Slash, Harry Potter Division. She was written by Deepy.[1]

Agent Profile[]

Dee is described as a petite Asian girl with large glasses. She displays an affection for chocolate. She was partnered with an unnamed brunette in the Real People Fic Department before being partnered with Milask and assigned to the DBS, and once assisted Jay in PPCing a fic in which Legolas commits suicide.

It is unknown if Dee has retired by this point, though Milask is known to still be active.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Dee and Milask in the Lost Tales archive.

In the RPF Department[]

Partnered with Milask[]

  • "Apologies and Past Mistakes" (Harry Potter)
    • The first assignment, a Harry/Voldemort story, introduces the two agents to each other. And mid-assignment, the agents find themselves out of Bleeprin, oh the horror!
  • "By Those He Trusted" (Harry Potter), with Agent Taboo (DBS - Mpreg)
    • The agents find themselves teamed up with Agent Taboo of the Mpreg Subdepartment to battle the horror that is Mpreg. Lots of Bleeprin and looks of disgust ensue.
  • "Son of..." (Lord of the Rings), Dee with Agent Alec Troven (DI)
    • Faced with a LotR slash story, Milask ends up MIA, leaving Dee to deal with the mission. She receives help from Agent Alec of Improbabilities.