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Decommissioning is the greatest shame an agent can endure: the act of being dishonourably discharged from the PPC. The concept of being dismissed from the organisation was first mentioned as a punishment dispensed to agents who let were-creatures roam free during a full moon.[1] Apart from that, there are four other offences that warrant termination:

All decommissioning-level offences are very hard to prove, and deliberately made so due to the work shortage in the PPC. To merit decommissioning, an agent must be completely lucid at the time the offence is being perpetrated, and display no remorse about the offence after the fact. Decommissioning is a separate punishment from forced retirement, though both amount to being fired and expelled from Headquarters; presumably, agents are forced to retire if they fail to meet one or both requirements for decommissioning but commit a serious enough offence that it would be merited had the conditions been met.

Decommissioning is carried out by the Department of Internal Operations with the aid of an Uber-Neuralyzer. The agent in question's partner may attend, but must be neuralyzed immediately afterwards to safeguard the decommissioning chamber's location. Following decommissioning, the ex-agent is portalled back to their home continuum, to live out the rest of their days as a background extra. Decommissioned agents are not considered PPC casualties.


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