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Decima is an agent in the Department of Bad Slash. She is written by Phobos.

Agent Profile[]


Decima is on the short side. She has green eyes and close-cropped red-gold hair. Her usual style of dress is Slytherin robes over pants and a shirt and combat boots.


Decima has a tendency to snap at people she thinks are wasting her time. She is not the best option for pairing with a newbie, due to her "keep up or go home" attitude. She does, however, have a softer side. Coming from a badfic, she feels like she constantly has to prove herself, and she takes any failure very hard.

Decima is a lesbian, which is one reason she chose the DBS. She takes exception to people writing horrible femmeslash, because she feels it is degrading to the entire lesbian community.

She is particularly fond of Luna Lovegood, though Decima has resigned herself to not having any chance with her. She is still fiercely protective of the blonde witch.

Agent History[]

Decima has been in the DBS for a little while. We assume that she had at least one partner who has since retired or been reassigned, leaving her partnerless.

She was assigned a partner for the mission "I Know What You Did Last Night," but they never showed up. She was, instead, forced to partner with a civilian.

After the difficulties of "I Know What You Did Last Night," Decima was dead set against doing another mission. She decided that the Flowers could not send her on another one until they gave her a partner, which they promptly did. She was less than happy about the partnership and the mission that went with it.

She is still without a permanent partner.


Decima was recruited from a badfic. Her original author had "no concept of the Queen's English," causing Decima to speak with with an Midwestern American dialect despite being a Hogwarts alumna.

Mission Reports[]

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