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Dazey Baker is the former partner of Agent Singsong Jacobs. She is written by Anjilly.


While none of their mission logs have been released, Dazey and Singsong were partners from fall 2007 until late March 2008, HST. Dazey snapped in action during a particularly nasty Suefic involving Izumi's estranged angel-chimera State Alchemist daughter who was capable of transmuting without a circle, an excessively angsty Edward Elric, a practically nonexistent Alphonse Elric, an evil Winry Rockbell working with Dante, and ten Homunculi. The resulting insanity rush was enough to cause Dazey to fill her knapsack with salt and toss it into the Floating Hyacinth's tank, as floating hyacinths are freshwater plants. The knapsack was confiscated, and Dazey was forced to retire from the PPC. She now lives back in her home continuum, the Real World.


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