Dax is an agent in the Department of Implausible Crossovers. S/he is written by Iximaz, and will henceforth be referred to with primarily male pronouns.


Being a changeling, it’s impossible to write down one description of Dax’s looks and expect them to stay accurate. Regardless, he can most often be found wearing the guise of a willowy elf, with brilliantly green eyes and long blond hair that he keeps braided away from his face. He usually wears a loose-fitting tunic and trousers, riding boots, and a swishy blue cloak.

In her natural form, Dax has dead, white eyes rimmed with black, and grey skin. The only bit of color to her body is her pink hair, which floats about her head as if caught in an unseen breeze.


Dax’s natural body.


Dax loves to keep the company of agents Luxury and Jacques Bonnefoy. To say he shares the same voracious appetites would be putting it mildly, and he puts his shapeshifting abilities to good use to better please his partner. No, not his partner-partner, all his other partners. He’s had quite a few of them.

Dax is very jovial and loves to hear himself talk, and will often prattle on for hours about anything and nothing, even if the only person listening is himself. Luckily, the children in the Nursery love hearing him talk, too, and usually beg him to turn into their favorite characters whenever he comes to visit.

Though he was fairly happy working as a Spy for Intelligence, Dax itched constantly to get into fieldwork to stretch his muscles. You can take the hero out of the adventure, but you can’t take the adventure out of the hero. Probably because of his past heroics, Dax can’t often turn down the opportunity to show off, and he usually does so quite flamboyantly.


December 2013Edit

  • Arrives at the PPC
  • Joins Department of Intelligence.

September 2014Edit

  • Turns 321.

September 2015Edit

  • Turns 322.

September 2016Edit

  • Turns 323.

September 2017Edit

  • Turns 324.

July 2018Edit

  • Transfers to Department of Implausible Crossovers.
  • Is partnered with Lorson.

September 2018Edit

  • Turns 325.

September 2019Edit

  • Turns 326.

Mission ReportsEdit


Partnered with LorsonEdit


RC 1337

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