"Dawn and Dusk" is a spin-off that was written by author Dawn'n'Dusk without Permission. As such, it is not considered part of PPC canon and should not be seen as representative of the PPC at large.

Why Permission Is Important Edit

Dawn'n'Dusk has since been in contact with Permission-Givers Sedri and Neshomeh, and has apologized and been absolved of the mistake. We emphasize that she is welcome to join the Board and ask for Permission if she so chooses. However, since this case is particularly illustrative of why we use the Permission system, here follows a brief summary of the spin-off, biased to demonstrate the point but not exaggerated:

The spin-off of three chapters concerns Agents Dawn Fortuna and Dusk Daybreak, respectively a blonde and a Chinese girl, who are members of the DMS. By the end of the first episode, Dusk is in a relationship with Makes-Things despite his general terror of Assassins. In the second chapter, Dawn is observed feeding Bleeprin to a random elf, Dusk produces a rapier made for her out of mithril by Makes-Things, and Dawn causes a Mary Sue to explode by throwing a dagger into her throat. In the third chapter, it is revealed that Dusk is pregnant with Makes-Things' baby, and by the end of it she miscarries due to being thrown into a wall. Dusk retires.

Although not badly written, these traits (as well as a few not mentioned) basically amounted to a spin-off about agents who were themselves Mary Sues, which is something we strive to avoid.

For posterity, the spin-off is still hosted here.

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