Dark magic, associated with Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter continuum. The Dark Arts are so dangerous that the Hogwarts students take classes to learn how to counter this magic. The Dark Arts include the Unforgivable Curses and horcruxes. Various antagonistic characters, such as the Malfoys and Snape, are experienced in them, but their use is not limited to evil wizards or bullies.

Dark Arts in Suefic Edit

In Suefic, "dark" is often confused with "cool," "gawth," and "rebellious" rather than vile or corrupt. Because of this, many Sues are experts either in the Dark Arts themselves or in the defense against them. Other Sues claim to be experienced in the Dark Arts but seem to think this consists of wearing dark make-up and and black clothing, rather than causing pain to any creature who gets in their way.

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