Darion Shadowflame is a member of the Medical Department. Brother of Agent Rilwen Shadowflame and recruited by her, he originates from an AU version of the Star Wars-verse. He considers himself still to be the Jedi Padawan he was before his arrival.

In Medical, Darion puts his Jedi skills to great use as part of an emergency response system, in cooperation with the DIA's emergency functions, to go to and look after agents so severely wounded in the field or in active danger that they need treatment there before they can be returned to HQ.

He is written by RilwenShadowflame, who requests you ask her before using him in anything.

Character Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Short and slim, Darion looks very much like his sister, though he has blue eyes, unlike her green. His red hair is maintained in its Padawan cut, including the single small braid. He prefers to wear his Jedi tunic.

Personality Edit

The first impression most get of Darion is that he is quiet. Soft-spoken and humble, he dislikes arguments, and tries to see the best in others. His specialty has always been as a healer, and it's where his devotion lies; he is dedicated to easing pain.

That is not to say, however, that he is spineless or meek. He will stand up for what's right, and a touch of somewhat acidic humour can creep into his comments when faced with yet another agent who's hurt themself doing stupid things or is being obstinate about letting him treat them.

Despite the obvious ideological conflicts, he and his sister do love each other, and are a touch protective of one another. He simply tries to trust that she knows what she's doing and won't go too far, and she accepts his unease and keeps her explosions of rage away from him.

For some reason, he tends to politely request that those who know him refer to him as "Padawan" rather than "Nurse." This is possibly because he feels that his Jedi rank is the only title with which he identifies.

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