Daphne was pointed towards the PPC by a friend, who hoped it would help cure her of her nymphomaniac tendencies. She joined the Department of Bad Slash in 2008 and was partnered with Elaina Thyme, another newbie. Daphne is written by Anamia.


Daphne has bright blue hair. Whether this is natural or not is anyone's guess, since Daphne refuses to say. Because it's widely assumed that she comes from World One, most agents believe that it's not, but that then begs the question of where she gets the hair dye. She has gray eyes that are usually turned lecherously towards any male walking by.

Short for her age, Daphne makes up for it by wearing the highest heels she can find. She wears the PPC uniform, though she dislikes it, and keeps a stash of what she calls "real clothes" in the back of her closet. She is rarely if ever seen without a music-playing device of some sort. While on missions she carries a Tortallverse shukusen, and can occasionally be found handcuffed to a tree by her exasperated partner.


Daphne was introduced to the PPC by a friend of hers in the hopes that seeing the horrors wreaked on canon characters would help cure her nymphomania. This has, however, backfired, with Daphne being more lecherous than ever. Within the PPC, she is known to be second only to Luxury in sluttiness, and one of her goals in life is to supplant Lux as Sex Goddess of the PPC. Or, at least, so she says.

Daphne's career in the PPC ended when she and Elaina were sent on a mission to the Harry Potter badfic "Platinum and Diamonds," which should be considered both NSFW and NSFB. Quite taken with the idea of being a concubine, Daphne defected and chose to stay as Lucius Malfoy's sex slave. She sent Elaina back to HQ, whereupon the traumatized Elaina was taken to FicPsych, given Bleepulan Ale, assigned a new partner, and promptly sent back. Sarah and Elaina managed to apprehend Daphne and exorcise the fic. Daphne was put under sedation in FicPsych while the Department of Internal Affairs reviews her case.


Apart from being a nymphomaniac, Daphne is actually quite a nice girl. She's clever and rather snarky, and can actually get quite angry at people, especially those who have done things of which she does not approve, such as woobified any one of her many lust objects. She and Elaina got on rather well, after the initial shock of meeting, though Elaina did have a tendency to handcuff Daphne to nearby trees, polls, or other handy and stationary objects during missions.

Mission ReportsEdit

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None of Daphne and Elaina's missions have been released, though it is known that they ventured into a Twilight badfic and recruited Agent Martin Carlini.

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