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Dakku is an agent in the Department of Floaters. He is written by Spud Avec.

Agent Profile[]


Dakku is fairly muscular – he doesn't have a bodybuilder's physique, but it's easy to identify him as a sportsman. Since he is an Al Bhed, his eyes are green with swirls around the pupil. He sometimes wears goggles because of this, but now he's in the PPC, that's more habit than necessity. Dakku's hair is around shoulder-length and blond, straight and tidied up with a blue bandanna.


Bubbly and almost impossibly energetic for an agent, Dakku's more or less irrepressible. He can be a little bit pervy, and tends to need telling twice with regards to things like personal space. Dakku doesn't tend to get too irritated whilst on a mission, preferring to crack wise rather than start seething. He has a love for tinkering with mechanics (being, as are many Al Bhed, a machina expert), meaning that the DoSAT finds him even more annoying than they do most other agents. Few other agents have turned in something that used to be a CAD that was so extensively modified it was unrecognisable. Opinions are divided as to whether he is a menace or has missed his calling.


Dakku was originally a bit character in a FFX badfic, appearing as "a psyche wif lnog blond hare" who attempted to "tackle [Sue] but [Sue] was too fast for him." Since none of the canonical Psyches matched this description (none of the male Psyches have long hair), this made Dakku an OC. Aside from technically having a Cute Animal Friend (his blond hare), the assassins sent to deal with the Sue could find nothing worth charging Dakku for, and wound up recruiting him in preference of killing him. Since then, he's found plenty to keep him busy.

Mission Reports[]

Home: The Fic Cave

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