The Daisy is a Flower of middling standing in the PPC. It should not be confused with the Marquis de Sod; while they are both daisies, the Marquis de Sod is both a Firstborn and the Director of Personnel, while the Daisy is an unnamed Flower that, based on the Sunflower Official's comments during the Fifth Anniversary Celebration, will not be in a position of power anytime soon.

Its first appearance was in the first installment of the PPC Playscripte series, in which it helped Agents Sam Apple and Alex Orange find the RC belonging to Lanel Cadbury. Shortly afterward, Agent Cadbury attacked it with a flamethrower, due to the insane former agent's immense hatred of Flowers, badly burning the unsuspecting Daisy. The Daisy was later fully healed of its wounds by the Medical Department, due in part to the quick actions of Agent Orange.

It appeared in the second playscript as the Flower responsible for mapping out HQ, and it displayed a great knowledge of how HQ operates. After a recording error led it and Agent Orange to the Department of Dead Author Electricity Generation, it went into the hallway to fume and was promptly trampled by an invading force of fangirls. It was taken to Medical again, and was not seen doing anything of importance until the Fifth Anniversary Celebration, during which it became incredibly drunk on Bleepka and subsequently wandered off with the Queen Anne's Lace.

The Daisy is an intelligent Flower, though it suffers from low self-esteem, as it is usually unnoticed by anyone in the organization and rarely has anyone to talk to. However, it has a habit of taking phrases literally, which led it to an unfortunate encounter with a Yellow Rose seeking "companionship." Many of the other Flowers do not think very highly of it, though the Floating Hyacinth at least holds it in regard.

Due to events during the Fifth Anniversary Celebration, it is possible that it may be in a relationship with the Queen Anne's Lace. The DBS Director is reticent on the subject, so this can be neither confirmed nor denied.

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